Sick of your job?

I was talking with some co-workers just now about the worst working environments. I have been with my current employer since I have been 17 years. This job is my first legitimate job and I have had. I have been at the same company for a few years now. The thing that sucks about it is I have not received any raises. I find myself working until my hands just can not move anymore. I know if I went to a different company I would make more money. The thing is I am scared to quit and find something better. I really love the people I am around, I just need more money. Who doesn’t though? I am an entrepreneur so doing this work drives me crazy. But what I want to know from everyone else is: How many people feel they have a fair working environment? Do you believe people are hired on a “who you know basis or fairly?” Is everyone treated equally with equal pay? I want to hear about other peoples work environments. Please share.

By: Stephanie Garcia

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