Making moves is a tough decision in life…

Making moves….

I often find myself not being able to sleep at night because I constantly have on my mind on different forms of ideas on how to make more money. I know that in order to be successful like I want to be I have to work extra hard, long hours and nights. I know that any type of sitting down and not making any moves towards the future will land me in the same shoes I am in now. The shoes of struggle. I live pay check to pay check. I am constantly feeling short of money. I can not enjoy the money I work very hard for every week because of the cost of living. Also, in a direct result of not having enough money my relationship is going all bad. Now what do I do. I already do not spend much time with my daughter. I work full time, go to school, and have 4 different side hustles. In order to be where I want to be, which is comfortable, I have to make some major moves. Once again how do I choose? Should I make these moves towards a future and miss out on my daughter’s toddler life? Or should I continue to live the same way I am now, in misery?

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