Hip Hop History!

Here is a little something I found about hip hop history. It is very interesting. I advise all of the hip hop artists out today to read this article in order to better understand the history of Hip hop.

Here is an excerpt of the article I was reading:

“Nowadays if you ask most people to give a definition of "rap", they’re likely to state that it’s the reciting of rhymes to the best of music. It’s a form of expression that finds its roots imbedded deep within ancient African culture and oral tradition. Throughout history here in America there has always been some form of verbal acrobatics or jousting involving rhymes within the Afro-American community. Signifying, testifying, Shining of the Titanic, the Dozens, school yard rhymes, prisonjail houserhymes and double Dutch jump rope‘ rhymes are some of the names and ways that various forms of rap have manifested.” For the rest of the story click this link: http://www.daveyd.com/raphist2.html

Hip Hop

Posted by: Stephanie Garcia

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