Are you a “916ers Radio” Fan?

Sacramento’s “916ers Radio” fan reviews!

Hello Fans of “916ers Radio,”

I would like to know what everyone thinks about the radio show that airs online every Tuesday on at 10pm hosted by Mr. Story and Status goes. The radio show is fairly new and growing rapidly. The show came about by the two host wanting to introduce people to the Sacramento scene of music. In addition, the radio show has been known as “out of pocket radio,”because of the crazy, funny, and controversial topics.
I myself have listened to the radio show 4 times. I liked a few of the topics and discussions and a couple I did not. I think they should start getting into some more interesting topics other then guys or artists portraying themselves as players or dogs. Some of the things they talk about are a little demeaning to the good women out in the world who are not just groupies. The guys need to keep that in mind. Besides that the show is entertaining, interesting, and funny as all heck.

Now its time for everyone else to tell me what you think of the show. Which topics have you liked? Do you prefer to hear Status goes or Mr. Story? What topics would you like them to discuss in the future?

Leave a comment with your answers and recommendations!

Thank you.
Posted by: Stephanie Garcia

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