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Money Management!

For some people it is very hard to manage money. I know when I first started working I did not manage my money at all and kept finding myself short of cash. Then I messed up my bank by over drafting and all of Wells Fargo’s crazy overdraft fees per each transaction totally messed me up. Now I am stuck banking at Wells Fargo and I still hate their system, but it is mainly my fault. I should have paid attention to my balance. After that mix up I did pay attention and I was doing great for a while, but now I am finding myself in the same boat again. It is just very hard for me not to spend the money I work so hard for everyday not to mention I am the only one who pays all the bills. I need some help and some structure because I do not want to end up in chexsystem for another seven years.
My plan is to crack done on my budget and tell myself everyday if I do not need it to buy it. Also having fun with friends is not worth more then my future, which is buying a house and owning a pizza guys. So I am writing this to share with young people manage your money right and stay consistant with your system. I plan to make a budget for each area of spending. In addition to save money I am going to have a goal and go for it. I do very well with that. I am going to continue to make my money grow by saving.

My goal is a flat screen Tv so time to save. Also, limited to no more fast food.

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