Arguments in relationships?

Arguments in relationships?

Today I just got in a huge argument with my boyfriend and it got me thinking. Usually after an argument no matter who starts it, which most of the time it is him, I always cave and try to make up. This time I am really upset and I do not feel like making up with him. He needs to make the effort and try to make up with me for a change.

So, I am wondering about everyone else in the world, how does it go for you and what do you feel about this? Do you think only one person of the couple should try to make up or they should both try to work on it? Do you think the person who started the argument should do the making up?

Relationships can be hard to work at but the best thing to make them healthy it to talk it out. What do you do when one person does not like to talk? It is so difficult and this topic can go on forever.

Readers please give some feed back.

Posted by: Stephanie Garcia

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