I hate flat tires!

I hate flat tires!

I am sitting here at work having a great day! I had just got back to work from lunch. I ate a delicious bacon cheese burger from applebees and watched my soap opera. Next thing I know my co-worker comes walking in and said “you have a flat,” I was like “no way.” I went and checked it out and it is flat as a pancake. So then I slowly drive my car to have the tire checked out by our fleet department to see if it can be saved. There was a big nail size whole in the tire. Now I have to collect all my money and try to buy a new tire right now, and for my car size tire p235 75r15, they are not cheap. The good thing is the mechanic fixed my flat enough to where I can drive to a tire shop. I knew this time would come because I have two tires that are balder then Woody Allen. I just wish it could have waited until next month. Now I no it is very important to change the tire before you start seeing the treads. Lol or the tire can go at any time.

Tires are just so important and there is no way I can go another day with out getting a new one, or else I just might end up dead if it blows when I am doing 80 on the freeway. That would not be pretty.

So viewers, in a nut shell I am venting, because I have to go buy a new tire today. Then when I get paid I have to go buy one more. Then next month I have to buy one more and then I think I will be safe for a year. I hope.

Thanks for reading
Stephanie Garcia

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