Attention serious artist, I have a big event coming up!

Attention serious artist, I have a big event coming up!

In the next few months here, I will be hosting some big events. This opportunity is for all serious artist who want a lot of exposure, fan base, and money. The thing that most artist do not understand is when you have taken the next step to to become a professional you have become your own business. It is very important to promote and market your business the right way in order to be successful. I know most artist get into this industry because they do not have any money and they are hoping with their skills and talent that they will get rich quick.
Unfornately, that is not how it works. This job/business takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and some investing. No matter what nothing in business is free. Remember if someone is trying to help you out with something, you must keep in mind this person is putting themselves on the line for it or even paid for it.
Now I have done a few events prior to these events coming up and the turn out as far as fans showing up was great but the thing is I invested a lot to help people and did not get nothing out of it in return. Instead I ended up with a net loss. I did not mind too much then because at least the artist I promoted for were able to expose their music to other artist’s fans. The only thing was the artist I did book that were not serious and did not show up made me angry. I am all about helping out the next person because that is what good business is about, but business is also about money.
With this being said I am starting to charge artist to be on my line up. Depending on the venue it will vary. The minimum is $50, but you will always get tickets for you to sell to make your money back and then some. This way you do not feel like you are just paying to perform, because eventually after you build your following people will start paying you to perform because you can sell tickets. That is the biggest thing in this industry is whether or not you can sell tickets.
Another reason why I am starting to charge for spots is so I know that artist are serious about their goals and to know the artist are going to try just as hard to put their name and music out into the world. Also to make sure that the artist will present themselves in a professional manner meaning to be on time, acting idealistic, and hanging around the right croud to show they can be a role model to the community.
A promoter can only do so much, it is up to the artist to believe in themselves in order to get the fame they want. If you do not work hard why would you expect anyone around you to take you seriously and work harder for you for free?
I am a promoter that will offer a great package if you are on my line up or become one of my main artist I promote for. So if you are interested shoot me a email at moneyevolution. For the rest of you who are thinking I am crazy and no one knows me then good luck to you all, because I do not need to be known I just have to be organized and professional.

Good luck!
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