Mariah Carey Falls!

Rumored To Be Pregnant, Mariah Carey Falls During Singapore Show

By Bridget Bland on Sep 27th 2010 4:04PM
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Mariah Carey took a fall during her concert in Singapore over the weekend.
The ‘We Belong Together’ singer, who is rumored to be pregnant, was dressed in a loose fitting shirt that read ‘I Love You But…,’ a black blazer, fishnets and high heels.
In the midst of singing her classic ‘Make It Happen,’ the best-selling pop singer known as Mimi slipped and fell and then yelled for an assistant to “come and take these shoes off.”

Ever the consummate professional, the Long Island native said “I did that on purpose” in between singing runs and continuing her performance.

Thankfully, hunky background dancers kept the ‘Precious’ actress from taking another spill as she made light of her lackey Sonya coming to her rescue to remove her stilettos.

“Obviously I’m not supposed to be in heels and fishnets,” Carey joked before wrapping up the song and continuing her 90-minute set barefoot.
Following the show, the Grammy Award-winner took to Twitter and wrote,”T[hank] Y[ou] to my fans in Singapore. Yeah, several hectic moments (lol) but I tried to swirl them into festive.”
She continued, “Thanks so much for allowing me to just be who I am and just have fun plus connect with everyone there.”

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