Selling products online with FBA!!

Fulfillment by amazon is something new that I am learning and I am taking the necessary actions to get my business started. The challenge is I do not have a ton of capital nor time to put into the business. I am starting off with one white label product which is Meo headphones
MEO 3.5mm in Ear Rubber Buds – Ipod -Universal – Headset (Black)

I have not actually shipped them into the amazon warehouse yet because of the storage fees. I purchase 120 headphones and I am currently shipping them myself but I am buying the shipping from amazon because it makes things really simple.Trying to launch a white label product is not easy and one needs to make sure they have planned it out thoroughly before sending in the shipment to amazon. I have a bunch of books I may send in to be fulfilled by amazon and then I will blog about that. I recently signed up for the professional online amazon account and now I have to pay $40 a month and the revenue is not their yet. Reviews are big and I need to get more reviews on my Meo headphones. Please take a look. If you have any questions please ask.

Thank you,
Stephanie Garcia

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