Chores for a 6 year old !!!

As we all know, being a parent can be difficult at times. It can be even more challenging now that there is all this technology we did not have when we were children. I am a firm believer in disciplining children without physical contact. I know this is how most parents used to do it back in the days but for me it is just not my method. I am a full time student and work full time. I do not have much time to discipline my child so I try to lead by example. I also try to get my child involved to help ease her into the chores. I do not want her to think we will clean up after her all her life. If she does not pick up her toys I tell her I will throw them away. That may seem a little extreme but its the only thing that will get a child’s attention. So here are a few chores I have started my child off with:
1. Brush Teeth: I know not really a chore but it’s hard to get kids to understand the importance of doing this every day.
2. Pick up toys when done playing with them or before leaving
3. Help me carry out the trash and take her trash from her room to outside container
4. Wipe down her kid table with a sponge
5. Wash her own dishes
6. Vacuum her carpet in her room
7. Make her bed
8. Place her dirty clothes in her dirty clothes hamper
9. Help fold her clothes and match up her socks
10. Help me with preparing dinner

So as you can see I do not have her do much but I mainly try to get her involved. I hope these baby steps will help make her a productive citizen when she gets older. We are always getting her involved with more and more things around the house. I hope this helps guide you and what to have your child do.

Thank you for reading.
Stephanie Garcia

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