Theater of Lights in Old Sacramento!

My family and I attended the theater of lights show on Saturday 12/26. It was a really good show. Very entertaining for the kids. Beautiful bright lights with a story line. The show also consisted of really good Christmas music. If you are a visitor in Sacramento around Christmas time I would highly recommend attending the show. They will have it again Thur, Dec. 31, 2015, 7:00 & 8:30p.m. It is an out side event so dress warm. You will have to pay for parking. If you do not want to pay for parking I recommend parking under the movie theaters and getting your parking ticket validated so you do not have to pay. This is what I did. I was able to get my ticket validated at the movie theaters. The event is FREE and the road is blocked off where you stand so there are no interruptions. Check out the last showing of this year.

Check out this website for more information

Thanks for reading
Stephanie R. Garcia

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