Skullcandy Hesh Headphones Review

For Christmas Santa brought me these amazing Skullcandy wireless headphones. They are the best. They are black and come with charger and Microphone attachment. The sound it amazing. They sounds just like the beats by Dre. They have great cushioning around the ears. They can extend to be made bigger for different size heads. They run off Bluetooth or they can also be plugged in to a 3.5mm. They are very easy to connect. On your device click bluetooth and then search for devices and they will pop right up to pair the two. The battery last a long time. There are plus and minus volume buttons on the right headphone. You can also turn them off by holding down the power button until you hear the powering off sound.

I would highly recommend getting these headphones if you love listening to your music loud and zoning out. If you have any questions please ask

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