Amazon Prime!!! To buy or no!

I have recently subscribed to Amazon Prime. I am the type of person who usually likes to save money because I watch my budget very closely all year long. I am already a subscriber of Netflix, which in my opinion is very affordable. I get up to 5 devices, I think, for $11.99 a month. To me it works out because I have 4 nephews, a niece, and a young daughter so they are entertained by this daily. So your probably thinking then why get Amazon Prime, well there is a number of reason. The first being you get free two day shipping. At first I did not think this was a good deal because I sell on Amazon and I know the sellers make the prices like 10% higher to compensate for the prime shipping, but it sure does feel good to get your order in two days. Now I love it. I order something online at least once or twice a month so it is worth it. For amazon prime, we purchased it for around $72 for the year because their show Mozart in the Jungle won some sort of prize. That is show is really good. Amazon also has other shows that can be watched. I recently started watching “Suits” and I am addicted. I love it. Amazon Prime works so conveniently on my smart tv I do not even have to log it.

So the point to my story is I definitely think Amazon Prime is worth the buy. Check it out. Your will love it.

Thank you for reading,
Stephanie Garcia

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