Review 1: Barber Shop 3

A couple weekends ago when Baber Shop 3 came out in theaters I went to see it. It was a pretty good movie with many funny little jokes. The cast consisted of many good actors and actresses. My favorites being Ice Cube, Eve, Common, Anthony Anderson and more. Tyga even had a few small roles in the movie. The overall story line of the movie was interested and I like the message they were trying to get across. The message I saw was Craig, the main character, played by Ice Cube was in turmoil again because he did not want his high school son being influenced by gangs and violence. In addition, the location of the shop was right in the middle of a bad neighborhood where people were dying everyday. So the characters played by Ice Cube and Common decided to arrange a day with no violence. So they went to the big shot callers and asked them for no violence for a day where the shop was located. They also gave away free hair cuts for the cause for 48 hours I believe. So the no violence turned out to be semi successful, and you will know what I mean when you see the movie. Craig decided not to move the shop after all and his son made the right decision not to be a follower and join the gang members. So I know this is a really short summary but I highly recommend the movie. I mean it could have been a little more action filled but I think we all know what to expect from Ice Cube. It seems like he focuses his movies more on a life lesson and there sure was a few in this movie.

I personally loved the movie. I thought there were some funny parts and it could have done without Nicki Minaj but hey others like her.

Thank you for reading. Please share and see the movie and leave comments.
Stephanie Garcia

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